harvesting net

Harvesting Net

Harvesting the fruits is an economical problem for the fruit crop growers due to high labor cost and their requirements. A fruits after falling on ground left for too long period get deteriorate quickly therefore it require simple and easy system is to harvest the falling fruits. Harvesting the fallen fruit safely an extruded plastic is net used which is cost effective and simple to use. Easy installation is done by stretching the harvesting net under the plants few days before ripening or fall. Harvesting net is place above the ground which allows the fresh air to fruits and prevent from decay.

Brain Chamber Polysacks are largest manufacture, supplier and exporters of harvesting net from appachiwadi, Karnataka, India. We offers olive picking, fruit picking and nuts picking nets for small scale fruit harvester to medium ones. The harvesting net is sized to accommodate small and medium trees so you won’t have to spread huge nets for small tress. The net can bare heavy load of fruits easily. It has heavy belt around the edges which is easy to move the net from one tree to another. Our harvesting nets are highly recommended for their superior quality and durability.